suitsset of unstitiched suitsset of suits on a rackpurple flower asian suitroyal blue art silkAbout Partap Textiles

The Partap brand was started in 1970, with the opening of Partap Fashion Fabrics on Green Street, East London. Selling fabrics and Asian speciality clothing, it soon became one of the biggest Asian fabric shops in London.


In 1988, we expanded the Partap brand by opening Partap Textiles in Ilford. Together, the Partap brand has expanded to become successful and well-known throughout London and worldwide.


Partap also has a wholesale warehouse, Partap Fashion Fabrics Ltd, located in Southall


Partap takes pride in being a family run business, with different family members running each branch. We believe this has been part of the reason for the success of Partap.


At Partap we pride ourselves for providing quality fabrics and garments to all of our customers at a great price, and hope to continue this practice very far into the future.


To get in touch with any of the branches please go to the contact page. We hope to see you soon!

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